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At an early age, I discovered the power of spoken and written word. As I grew spiritually, I developed the ability to broaden my life’s purpose of writing, speaking, and healing. Along my journey, I began practicing as a Reiki practitioner, and wellness coach - turned educator. Through working with my clients, loved ones, and self, I witnessed how many women place themselves at the end of a perpetual to-do list. My mission is clear: to help women understand the importance of self-care, so they can heal, rediscover & remain connected with themselves. And most importantly: learn to Trust and Follow Intuition.

Epiphany: About


Epiphany Summer Moon is creative, caring, and encouraging. Her book, Random Reminders, has been a great resource for me. The collection of quotes and space for reflection are truly a treasure. The approach is consistent with Epiphany Summer Moon’s style as she often prompts others to pause and reflect. I am grateful that she is sharing her gifts with the world.

 Joy Stephens, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

I met Epiphany at a time where I had lost sight of my worth, my personality, and was even emotionally unstable. Epiphany walked into my life and showed me a side I never thought existed within me. I now have more courage and a more stable mindset. Epiphany has empowered me to become a young woman with distinction. And her book Random Reminders is my new bible; the book is filled with so much wisdom and knowledge that keeps me motivated every single day!

Rosine Nash
PA Degree in Progress

Ms. Moon is like that friend who's always looking out for your best interest. Her coaching and support have led me to accomplish more than I ever thought I could.

Sheri Hawes, MA
Graphic Design

Epiphany: Testimonials

Over the past few years I have observed Epiphany build strong, lasting relationships. Her uplifting nature positively influenced  others to be more optimistic. I would highly recommend that you seek her out.

David Tirpak, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

As a coach, Epiphany made working with her an empowering experience. She helped me find solutions that allowed me to get over the “hump” in my journey. She is dedicated, caring and plays no games. The type of person you’re glad is on your side!

Geoffrey Colbert, MS

Epiphany: Testimonials
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