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Be the Change

Updated: May 23, 2020

As an artist, I believe part of our responsibility is to enlighten and inspire. We paint vivid pictures with our art; by telling stories and showing images, we are offering different perspectives. We all are born with gifts; some of us choose to share them with the world. I enjoy listening to fellow artists whom I believe have a message: one that resonates with me at that particular time in my life.

I had the pleasure of watching The Floacist perform. She was beautiful and entertaining - captivating the audience. There was a magnetic energy in the room the night of the concert. The Floacist’s performance was authentic. She wasn't on stage elaborating about her perfect life filled with roses and statue Buddhas. She was telling stories of life, purpose, and the desire of doing things differently.

I became intrigued with The Floacist’s art upon stumbling across her first solo album, Floetic Soul, years ago. By the time the first track ended, I was enchanted. Her music speaks of experience and some of the challenges that comes with it. The song Breathe reminds us of the power that comes with liberating ourselves from the past. Need You evokes the feeling of love with independence; being capable of taking care of one's self while in a relationship. The most sensual song on the album, Let Me, invites us to embrace the freedom that comes with our sexuality.

Of all The Floacist’s songs, I am particular fond of Breathe. While getting ready for my day each morning, Breathe is the soundtrack that assists with me calming my mind and watching my thoughts. The power of creating the future we want, letting go of our past, and changing what we currently loathe, is a step-by-step, moment-to-moment process. There is no race to the finish line. We will get there when we can; in our perfect timing.

Like The Floacist, I have the belief that no matter what we have done, or where we have been, each of us has the power to start over - to live differently. Even a change within the last 5 minutes we have left to live can plant a seed that can make a difference.

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